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We believe in sharing information about great resources. We know that you have needs beyond what we provide to you. So we want to help you discover some resources that we've relied on for years.



Why we Recommend Them

Additional Advice
Online Surveys Zoomerang

Easy-to-use, help available by phone, cross-tab capabilities, they have a consumer panel


Hire a professional market researcher to write the survey. They know how to avoid leading questions and such. In the end, the value of your feedback will be much greater.
Paper-based printing Printingforless

High quality printing and reasonable prices. Easy-to-upload files. Dedicated teams available via phone and email. Good turnaround times. Excellent customer service.


Use a professional designer to ensure high quality work. After all, anything you print represents your brand.
Premium item printing CafePress Easy to use. Reasonable prices. Lots of product options. Well-managed company. Think about the usefulness and relevance of items for your audience. For example, would a pen be more valued than a paper weight? We say "yes."
Stock Photos Getty Images Photos, video content and music all in one place If you choose to obtain images from free sites, be sure to obey copyright laws.
Understanding Search Engines Search Engine Forum Provides current information on search engine methodologies and optimization. You can spend a great deal of time working to optimize keywords. If you have some budget, hiring an expert can get you going quickly.
Email Marketing Constant Contact Easy for non-programmers to use their templates. They are CAN/SPAM compliant. Easy to manage subscriber lists. Useful tools for tracking bounces, opt-outs, etc. Take one of their classes or webinars that provide useful tips for using email effectively. They are helpful and not sales-oriented.
Salary Surveys You can get market rates for various positions You might be able to find enough information for free elsewhere on the web.
Legal Help Online legal help and key forms at reasonable rates Not a substitute for your own lawyer. If you are not certain about something, have your attorney review it.
Office furnishings and Computer Equipment

Great prices on liquidation items such as furniture and technology equipment As liquidation sites, they do not always have extensive selection in what you might need. Also, beware -- these sites can be addictive if you like bargains!
Online IT help CrossLoop Thousands of professionals available immediatelywho can addresss many different systems, software and networking issues. Screen sharing technology allows the helper to take over your screen and show you how to fix your problem. Most are reasonably priced and far less than physical locations or people who come to your office. Be as specific as you can in describing your issue or help request to ensure that you get the best helper available.
Employment advertising Craigslist Fish where the fish are: we're guessing that more people search for ads on Craigslist than anywhere else, at least in metropolitan areas. You may get overwhelmed by applicants. Be very specific in your requirements to help minimize the number of unqualified candidates.
Domain Registration and Website Hosting Fast, easy domain registration at low prices. Affordable hosting with free templates. Email and blog included. Support available via phone and email. Some technical competence required to really get a site up.

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